See You At The Pole – 9/23

See You At The Pole is Wednesday, September 23! Please pray for students as they adapt (Time, Place and even the Date) this year. The theme this year is Return, Restore & Revive from II Kings 23:25   “Josiah…turned in total repentant obedience to God.” Pray for Christian students as they walk in obedience to…
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Senior Leaders Share!

“Over the last four years of being in FCA at Maize South I’ve learned the importance of community and commitment. Getting to know so many people through this club has been awesome and showing up every week to meet in fellowship has been an integral part of my high school career! Surrounding yourself with good…
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How can We Pray for You & Your Campus Group?

“Pray that I better understand the Bible so next year I can be even more prepared to teach”  Elle ~ Heights HS “Our FCA has continued over Zoom. We are continuing to grow in faith and in relationship with each other. I just pray that this experience helps people look to Jesus.” Halle ~ Valley Center…
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Praying for my School!

“I am very motivated to pray for my school because as many of the students are believers, there are a lot of students that don’t even know who Jesus is. This is my last year at Maize South High School so I don’t want to waste this year away on focusing just on myself. I…
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Nothing is Impossible with God!

“We kinda wanted to start a Bible club after See You AFTER The Pole (last year). We had a pretty good turn out for (See You At The Pole) at Goddard Middle School. We realized we want to do it more than once a year.” Tyson “Last year several of us attended See You AFTER…
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Strength for the Task & See You At The Pole!

Strength for the Task – 8/16-17, Designed to equip and encourage students to lead and/or participate in student-led Campus Bible Groups. Powerful Worship, engaging Speakers, reflective Prayer Walk, and practical Lab Sessions are all a part of this life-transforming student conference. This year in the Main Sessions we will be digging deep into how to…
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