New Website for Campus Ministry Network!

We have a new website! We want this site to be a resource to:  Students, Teachers, Youth Pastors and Parents. Students – you are the main audience. Check out the “Student Missionary” page and learn how to: Plan – a Campus Group that will meet the needs of the students in your school. Prepare – your own…
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Preparing Others to Lead!

“My sophomore year in high school, I began leading a prayer group on my campus. It grew into a time of Bible study, prayer, and worship that we called a fellowship group. This year is my senior year and I am graduating in December in order to go to Guatemala as a missionary. While I’m…
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Powerful Prayer for One Another

Students at Northwest High School have a monthly routine of praying for one another or for prayer request of each individual. They simply put each person in a chair and circle around, asking how they can pray for them or their prayer request. This is where the simple part ends and the powerful begins. As…
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What I like about being a Leader!

Here are responses to the above statement by several student leaders at North High School:   “I probably like my fellow leaders the most. I appreciate their devotion and drive to make a difference and they’re also pretty funny.” Victor   “I like being able to learn more deeply about what I will be teaching.…
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Freshman Starts Bible Study

As a freshmen in high school, I was new and God placed a desire for a strong fellowship with others on my heart. I prayed about it often but I did not know in what way God planned to bring this about. Midway through the year my language arts teacher, Mr. Fleske, assigned to his…
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