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Student Bible Study started at West High School!

“During English class one day some students started a conversation about their faith and beliefs. Several of them were very passionate about sharing their faith!  As I was listening and participating in the conversation I wondered about starting a Bible study.  I talked with a couple of those kids and asked if they would be…
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Seeing Hope!

“Ever since I started going to public school I have seen the hopelessness, anxiety, and depression that floods the hallways. There is only one solution to this epidemic happening in the school systems and that is Jesus Christ. My hope for my school and schools all over the country is that the Holy Spirit will…
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Seeing God Change Hearts!

“God has been burdening me to have a longing desire for my classmates to find life through Christ. My prayer is for Maize South HS and the surrounding schools to be rooted in God and for Gen Z to be transformed by His love and His truth through scripture. I’ve seen God change the desires…
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Senior Leaders Share

“This year was my first year at Fellowship of Christian Athletes and I did not really know what to expect. I was very shy and uncomfortable at the thought of being a leader, but it pushed me out of my comfort zone and I met a lot of great people! In regards to my faith,…
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EQUIP – What students learned!

What is the gospel? How does it affect my identity? How will the gospel impact how I live? These are a few of the topics that students engaged in during EQUIP in January. Here is what two students took away from EQUIP: While at EQUIP I had the chance to connect with leaders of Bible…
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Thanking God for All Things!

“The Bible says we should be over flowing with thankfulness and always giving thanks to God for everything. Most of our life is spend complaining. For some reason it is so much easier for us to complain than be thankful for the things we have been gifted. Personally I believe it is because we are…
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Senior Leaders Share!

“As a leader I have learned the importance of discussion. However, it is also important to ask questions to guide the discussion. It is much more effective to engage with each other than to just have one person speaking the whole time. We are all on this faith journey together and there is so much…
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Students Share Prayer Request!

“We are continuing to meet virtually and we are reading The Case for Christ currently. Please pray that we would all just be sustained throughout this unpredictable time and that we can find joy even amongst the disappointments and that we can be lights even in the virtual world.”  Rachel – East HS “It is…
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