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Jesus is the Theme of the Bible!

 I am a senior at Heights High School and got involved with Campus Ministry Network through Strength for the Task since middle school. Through many different equipping methods I have been able to start and lead a Bible Study Group at my school on Thursdays for the past three years. I wanted it to be…
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EQUIP – What students learned!

“At EQUIP I heard this awesome quote that said something like, ‘Faith is like fire and works are like heat. You can’t have one and not the other’, which proves that if you have true faith it will change your heart into a heart that serves others. We also got to come up with cool…
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Communicating the hope of Christ!

“I have always been an outgoing person and have always been very open. So speaking and communicating with others has always been a strong suit. Not only that but I love to make others happy and to put joy and inspiration into their lives and hearts! So it started with my Snapchat. Many and most…
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EQUIP – Students share…

“What I learned from EQUIP was that we have to start with a firm foundation in Christ and set our own goals before setting out to minister to others. Once we have that foundation in the gospel we can begin to invite and encourage those around us to see who Christ is. I learned that…
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Growing & Serving as a Leader!

“As a leader at the “Under the Cross” campus group at Andover Central High School I’ve learned a lot about how to pass on leadership to the underclassmen and encourage them to take initiative. God really taught me a lot about servanthood and how you don’t have to be the central speaker or an extreme…
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Senior Leaders Speak!

School doors are closed but I asked a few senior leaders to share their experience of being a leader: “I have learned that staying rooted in your faith and staying close to God – emerging yourself in His Word and presence daily is how God moves through you! If you are far from His heart…
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Student Leader Shares God’s Word!

“I became a leader through my parents encouraging me to step up and lead those around me. I was a little reluctant at first but over the past few years I’ve grown accustomed to it and really glad God has given me the opportunity to spread His Word at my school. I like leading discussions,…
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The Power of Prayer!

“I began a prayer group at Maize High School from inspiration and guidance by the Spirit and my own passion for praying for others. It started with praying with teachers to praying and providing fellowship for brothers and sisters. Prayer is so important, it’s a foundational block to growing in your faith and a weapon…
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