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Student Leader Shares God’s Word!

“I became a leader through my parents encouraging me to step up and lead those around me. I was a little reluctant at first but over the past few years I’ve grown accustomed to it and really glad God has given me the opportunity to spread His Word at my school. I like leading discussions,…
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The Power of Prayer!

“I began a prayer group at Maize High School from inspiration and guidance by the Spirit and my own passion for praying for others. It started with praying with teachers to praying and providing fellowship for brothers and sisters. Prayer is so important, it’s a foundational block to growing in your faith and a weapon…
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Middle School Student grows in faith!

When I began the leadership role of taking over Bible club for Maize South Middle School I was super excited. I had lots of great ideas that I couldn’t wait to implement. However, there were lots of challenges that I faced. Once I found out that we weren’t able to hang up flyers or posters…
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Student leaders share about Equip Event!

Here is what student leaders learned at the January “EQUIP EVENT” that focused on MISSION, MESSAGE & MENTORING: “I learned that planning a Bible study can be done in many different ways and you have to find the way that fits you. Some of the ways to plan are: being alone in a quiet space,…
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Middle School Student Boldly Leads!

“Bible Club started off slow this year with about 5-10 people. I soon got more bold and told more people. I even told teachers and staff and the lunch ladies. It has grown and we usually see anywhere from 10-40 people every Tuesday and Thursday in the Library. I usually stand in front of the…
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Student Starts Prayer Gathering!

This year I started a Wednesday morning prayer group at my school called “See You at the Bull”.  I started it because this past summer I attended a Christ In Youth (MOVE) conference and while I was there I got a Kingdom Worker card which is basically just a commitment card. My card read, ”…
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Senior Leaders Grow & Give Advice

“I have learned that God can use high school students in ways we would never expect or think we’re capable of. Also I have learned the value of organization and flexibility. My advice for other students would be to listen for God’s call for your Campus Group and think about what the needs of your…
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