Student Starts Prayer Gathering!

This year I started a Wednesday morning prayer group at my school called “See You at the Bull”.  I started it because this past summer I attended a Christ In Youth (MOVE) conference and while I was there I got a Kingdom Worker card which is basically just a commitment card. My card read, ”…
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Senior Leaders Grow & Give Advice

“I have learned that God can use high school students in ways we would never expect or think we’re capable of. Also I have learned the value of organization and flexibility. My advice for other students would be to listen for God’s call for your Campus Group and think about what the needs of your…
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Adopt a Campus in Prayer!

What would happen if youth groups across our community each adopted a local middle or high school campus and began to pray? What kind of impact would this have upon those campuses? This is the challenge that was given to youth pastors at a recent lunch meeting. Four times a year Campus Ministry Network gathers…
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Students Challenge Students!

Hanna and Anna are passionate and creative about leading their Campus Group called “Arise” at Northwest High School. They responded with enthusiasm when I recently asked them if they would be willing to challenge other students at church youth groups across our community to be missionaries on their campuses. On an ordinary Wednesday night they shared…
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Starting a Campus Group!

On the side of a mountain in scenic Durango, Colorado, my small group and I pondered how to take the things we were learning there at church camp to our schools back home. We decided to start a campus group at our school. Through the summer, we met to talk about what we wanted the…
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Northwest HS students Prayer Walk their campus!

What could happen when students decide to move out into the hallways and classrooms of their school? What if they Prayer Walked those hallways and classrooms in the early morning hours before most students had arrived? This is the plan that Hanna and Anna (leaders at Northwest HS Campus Bible/Prayer Group) had for an ordinary…
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Willing Leaders

How can a hobby lead to student leadership? It all began this September when I was asking some teachers what students could lead a Campus Bible Group at Andover Middle School. One teacher immediately thought of Sydney who had posted “growing in her faith” as a hobby in a writing exercise.  Moments later I was talking…
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Campus Leader Training

Student Leaders Speak
  Saturday, September 27 @ Central Christian Youth Building  9:30 am to 12 pm (Free Lunch) Training to equip and encourage students leading or beginning to lead a Campus Prayer or Bible Group.  Learn creative and effective ways to lead a Campus Prayer Group. Learn how to develop a Bible Study Lesson by asking good questions.…
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Student Finds Rewards in Leadership!

I have been involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes all through high school, though all it’s ups and downs. My senior year I felt God calling me to take on a leadership role. I wanted to make an impact on my school and God’s kingdom. I was fortunate enough to have a youth pastor to…
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