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Starting a Prayer Group takes lots of prayer!

I started a Prayer Group after See You AFTER The Pole because even though I attend a Christian school I feel that together we could be spiritually stronger. I thought this Prayer Group would not only bring us closer together but bring a different dynamic to our school. The other students are accepting it extremely…
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Why I Am a Part of Our Campus Group…

I recently visited a Campus Group  at Andale High School. I asked them why they are a part of this gathering of Christian students on their campus. Here are a few responses:   “I’m a part of FCA because it’s awesome being able to fellowship with other Christians from my school. I love coming because…
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Sharing a Message of Hope!

“God calls us to be relentless with our friends. Mark 16:15 says, “Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Notice how he says every creature. This has to be one of the biggest challenges for our generation. We get so caught up in self-image and in pride that it is often…
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New Website for Campus Ministry Network!

We have a new website! We want this site to be a resource to:  Students, Teachers, Youth Pastors and Parents. Students – you are the main audience. Check out the “Student Missionary” page and learn how to: Plan – a Campus Group that will meet the needs of the students in your school. Prepare – your own…
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Preparing Others to Lead!

“My sophomore year in high school, I began leading a prayer group on my campus. It grew into a time of Bible study, prayer, and worship that we called a fellowship group. This year is my senior year and I am graduating in December in order to go to Guatemala as a missionary. While I’m…
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Powerful Prayer for One Another

Students at Northwest High School have a monthly routine of praying for one another or for prayer request of each individual. They simply put each person in a chair and circle around, asking how they can pray for them or their prayer request. This is where the simple part ends and the powerful begins. As…
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What I like about being a Leader!

Here are responses to the above statement by several student leaders at North High School:   “I probably like my fellow leaders the most. I appreciate their devotion and drive to make a difference and they’re also pretty funny.” Victor   “I like being able to learn more deeply about what I will be teaching.…
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