september, 2022

28sep7:00 amFeaturedSee You at the Pole7:00 am CST Your School Flagpole

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(Wednesday) 7:00 am CST


Your School Flagpole


Event Details

Respectfully ask school administrator or principal for permission to meet.

If meeting on campus is not possible then BE CREATIVE with other locations, times or methods.

SYATP is a student-led event. That means YOU!  Youth pastors can support you, parents can pray for you – But you need to take the lead in planning and leading SYATP at your campus. SEE more GUIDELINES for PLANNING your SYATP below:


Pray for wisdom and guidance as you plan the SYATP at your campus.



Invite – Personal invitation is best! Also use Text, Instagram, etc.

Poster – Put up SYATP Posters at your campus – But first ask permission from your principal.

Contact Campus Ministry Network for FREE SYATP posters for Wichita, Kansas area campuses.



Permission – Most years you can freely gather for prayer before school, Be sure to ask your school administration or principal permission to do SYATP at your campus.

Where – At your school flagpole or (Alternate location in case of rain).

When – 7 am (or according to your school start time).

Who –  will lead? Will you share leadership? Will you have small group leaders? Who will end?

How – will you start? What is your Basic Plan (See below)? How will you end?


Basic Guide for your See You At The Pole


(This is only a guide. Be creative. Pray and do what your group is led to do.)

The theme verse for the 2022  See You At The Pole is:

“Never Let the fire in your heart go out Keep it alive… Pray!”  Romans 12:11-12

[Strongly encourage you to break into small groups to do most or all of these prayer points. Students are more likely to pray in a small group]

1. Pray with thanks and humility to God (James 4:10)

2. Pray for students all over the world who are gathering to pray in other nations today. (I Timothy 2:1)

3. Pray for the Teachers, Administration & Staff of your school.

4. Pray for your families.

5. Pray for your friends.

6. Pray for “repentant obedience” in your life. II Kings 23:25

6. Pray for the students in your prayer circle. (Colossians 1:9-10)


At the end – promote your Campus Bible Group or Prayer Group:

Make an announcement of Where & When your Campus Group meets each week.

Hand out business size cards giving the room, time and day your Campus Group meets.

Be interested in all “new students” who come and try to connect with them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]