As a Christian teacher you have a wonderful opportunity to support the Campus Bible Study and Prayer Groups initiated by the Christian students of your campus. Yet, as an employee of a Public School, a teacher must follow the law in regard to Campus Bible Study and Prayer Groups.

According to the Equal Access Law passed by Congress in 1984, a Bible and Prayer group on a secondary school must follow these guidelines:

The meeting is voluntary and student-initiated;

There is no sponsorship of the meeting by the school, the government, or its agents or employees;

Employees or agents of the school or government are present at religious meetings only in a non-participatory capacity.

The meeting does not materially and substantially interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activities with the school; and

Non-school persons may not direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend activities of student groups.

As a teacher your role is not to lead the Campus Bible Study or Prayer Group, but to provide a place (a room) for the group to meet. Your personal prayers and words of encouragement give strength and courage to these young leaders.

It is important for you to know what are your legal rights as a teacher in a public school. The First Amendment Center is an excellent place to start.

Your life is an example to Christian and non-Christian students who you influence every day. Your prayers have the unique insight from your position within the school system.