Youth Pastor

Pray for your students that they will be “mission minded” about their campus and gather other adults from your church to join in praying for students and specific campuses.

Talk to your students about the campus as a mission field and their role as a student missionary. You are their leader. They will listen to you.

Encourage your students to be a part of the Campus Bible Study Group or Prayer Group at their campus. Campus Ministry Network has a current online listing of these groups.

Identify potential student leaders and/or participants of Campus Groups; equip them to feed on God’s Word and to teach others.

Send your students to Strength for the Task so they can be encouraged in their faith and equipped to share their faith on their campus.

This involves meeting with student leaders as they plan and watching from the sidelines as they lead a ministry on their campus. Your presence, guidance and encouragement are greatly appreciated by the students.

One-year commitment to a campus.

Pray for student leaders and your campus.

Attend Campus Group at least two times a month.

Attend student leader planning meetings.

Remember that they are the leaders(players) – you are the coach.

Planning meetings are foundational to a successful Campus Group. Help them to have a plan and set goals as illustrated on the Plan page.

Make sure they have a plan for upcoming meetings (Who will open meeting, who will teach, etc.)

Attend Campus Group meetings at least twice a month. Guide them through the review process found at the bottom of the Plan page.

Most campuses have a sign posted asking all visitors to report to the office. Weather you see a sign or not – go to the office. Tell them you are visiting the student-led Campus Bible Study or Prayer Group. Most campuses will have you sign-in and/or put on a name tag or name badge. Be sure to checkout in the office at the end of your visit.

“Non-school persons may not direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend activities of student groups.” The Equal Access Law – 1984

You can visit student-led Campus Bible Study Group or Prayer Group. Just remember that you are a visitor and/or Campus Coach there to support students with your presence and encouragement.