Freshman Starts Bible Study

Student Leaders Speak

As a freshmen in high school, I was new and God placed a desire for a strong fellowship with others on my heart. I prayed about it often but I did not know in what way God planned to bring this about. Midway through the year my language arts teacher, Mr. Fleske, assigned to his advanced freshmen class a “Do Hard Things” project. The goal of this project was to push the boundaries we had placed in our lives – to do something outside of our comfort zone. When I first received this assignment I had no idea what I would do to fulfill its requirement of surpassing a barrier in my life. I asked God about it and one night in the midst of my prayer the word “Bible study” popped into my mind. At first, I questioned God as to how I, of all people, could be capable of starting a Bible study.

I began to talk to my friends about the idea that God had set on my heart. After sharing what God had told me with them and praying persistently in agreement with my peers over the Bible study, we met on Friday just before school. Initially, we had no place to meet because the library was closed that day. We had no idea who to ask for a room. With time God provided Mr. Fleske’s room for us to meet in and we met consistently each Friday for the duration of that year. Through the experience, God deepened my trust in Him, and He revealed to me the importance of not only witnessing to those in need but also strengthening our brothers and sisters in Christ through studying God’s Word together. Though freshmen year has come and gone, our group continues to meet each Friday in the library and are growing together with God as our foundation.

Brent – Andover Central High School