Powerful Prayer for One Another

Student Leaders Speak

Students at Northwest High School have a monthly routine of praying for one another or for prayer request of each individual. They simply put each person in a chair and circle around, asking how they can pray for them or their prayer request. This is where the simple part ends and the powerful begins. As students sat in “the chair” that early December morning several confessed with a heavy heart the lack of connection with God due to their lack of time spent with Him. These Christ followers in turn prayed for each student. Some also shared deep needs of close family and friends. As I have observed numerous times with this group, students not even attending the group that had just come into the room to return their choir robe would often ask if they could join in with their own prayer request. Prayer is one of the deepest ways we can care for one another and this group of students have entered into the example that Christ set in John 17 when he prayed for His followers.