What I like about being a Leader!

Student Leaders Speak

Here are responses to the above statement by several student leaders at North High School:


“I probably like my fellow leaders the most. I appreciate their devotion and drive to make a difference and they’re also pretty funny.”


“I like being able to learn more deeply about what I will be teaching. Being a leader helps keep me responsible in my own life and helps me to grow spiritually.”


“What I like about being a leader is that we can help others grow in Christ or even come to have a relationship with Christ. Also, I’m learning new ways to communicate with other students.”


“I like knowing that I could be helping a non-believer learn about the Bible.”


“One of my favorite things about being Levitra Online a leader is getting to hear different thoughts and opinions from the student group I lead. Not only am I teaching them but they are teaching me.”


“I love being a student leader. The best thing is when my small group ask questions and I’m able to answer and they can trust me to be their spiritual leader. I can help them have a closer relationship with Christ.”


“What I like about being a student leader is that we seem to connect with the students better as fellow students. I enjoy the real discussions with other students and getting to see them grow.”


“The best part of being a leader is being able to introduce new people to God and expand their knowledge of Christ.”