Preparing Others to Lead!

Student Leaders Speak

“My sophomore year in high school, I began leading a prayer group on my campus. It grew into a time of Bible study, prayer, and worship that we called a fellowship group. This year is my senior year and I am graduating in December in order to go to Guatemala as a missionary. While I’m sad to say goodbye to the awesome group of friends that I made through our fellowship group, I know that God has blessed our little group with many awesome leaders who will continue the legacy we began.”

“At the beginning of my senior year, I started to transition out of my leadership role and gave other members of the group a chance to teach and lead. I spent a week going over how I prepare my lessons and encouraged each person to find the way that works for them, remember to pray and base each lesson over the Bible NOT personal opinions.The following week we brainstormed on topics that we wanted to learn about and assigned each person a week to teach. It was awesome to see how each of my friends, who started out as a normal student just hungry for God, had now discovered their God-given gift of leadership. I wanted to be there to encourage them as they stepped up as the teachers of the next group of students to join our fellowship group. I have now graduated and am so proud of the progress each person has made as a teacher and I know great leaders are on the rise, ready to take our campus for Christ.”

Bethany – Maize South High School