Students Challenge Students!

Student Leaders Speak

Hanna and Anna are passionate and creative about leading their Campus Group called “Arise” at Northwest High School. They responded with enthusiasm when I recently asked them if they would be willing to challenge other students at church youth groups across our community to be missionaries on their campuses. On an ordinary Wednesday night they shared the many ways that they engage with students in their Campus Group and with all students on their campus. Anna closed the evening with a challenge for students to become involved on their campuses.

“I really want you all to pray about this. This is a big deal. The world needs the message of Christ. Students at your school need the message of Christ. Students in your school have so much pain and hurt in their lives. There are over 1,400 students in my school that need the encouragement and support I get every week at my Campus Group as we build each other up and hold each other accountable. I challenge you to get involved in the Campus Bible or Prayer Group at your school and if there is not a Campus Group at your school – pray about starting one. Take this challenge back to your school and do something!”