Adopt a Campus in Prayer!

Student Leaders Speak

What would happen if youth groups across our community each adopted a local middle or high school campus and began to pray? What kind of impact would this have upon those campuses? This is the challenge that was given to youth pastors at a recent lunch meeting.

Four times a year Campus Ministry Network gathers youth pastors across our community for a lunch meeting to encourage and equip them to help their students to be “mission-minded” about their campuses. Our first meeting this year was a great example of what takes place at these gatherings. After a wonderful time of connecting with one another over lunch we heard from Hanna and Anna from Northwest High School. These two leaders are so creative in the many ways they pray in their group and how they reach out to their entire campus. A living example of how prayer can impact an entire campus. They concluded with the challenge for youth pastors to help their students see their campus as a “Never-Ending Mission Trip”.

Next, the challenge came from youth pastor Matt Lowry from Asbury Church. He shared powerful stories of what happened when students from his youth group began praying for others. Then he asked the question – What would happen if your youth group adopted a campus and prayed for that campus every week? He gave practical suggestions from simply incorporating a time in their youth meetings for students to pray for campuses to even taking students on site to the adopted campus for a Prayer Walk. Youth pastors responded to the challenge with many adopting more than one campus. There are still more campuses to be adopted but I am really excited that we are beginning this journey of empowering students to pray for the campuses of our community!

Keith Malcom – Campus Ministry Network