Middle School Student is Faithful to his Mission!

Student Leaders Speak

In the 7th grade my middle school youth pastor Lucas McGarity asked me if I wanted to start a Bible study at my middle school. The following week I met with Lucas and Keith Malcom(Campus Ministry Network) during lunch and planned out how to start the Bible study. The following two weeks the study was going strong. I was using the Bible studies from the Campus Ministry Network website. The third week of Bible study I came to the room to find only Keith and my friend Jose there. I remember Keith asking me “Where are all the others?” At that moment I wanted to quit the club but I knew that the right thing to do was to keep going. I also knew it was God’s plan to keep going with the Bible study. For the rest of my 7th grade year it was just Jose, myself, Lucas or Keith sitting around school desks talking about God’s Word. At the end of my 7th grade year I learned that I was moving to Billings, Montana for my Dad’s job. I was heartbroken but I knew it was God’s will to move to this different state. So my family packed and drove three days to Montana. I immediately started school in Montana. After a week I came home to an unusually quiet house. My parents broke the news that something happened with my Dad’s job and we were moving back to Kansas. I was thrilled. Our Kansas house did not sell and we got to move back into it. Our Church family was waiting at our door steps to unpack all of our stuff in three hours. God is great.

The next day after I arrived in Kansas I went back to school. I learned that the Bible study was still going. The following Wednesday I came to Bible study and found my friend Jose leading. He finished the passage that week and gave me back the job of leadership saying I was a lot better at that kind of thing. I was lucky to come back to Wichita before See You At The Pole. I was able to lead the See You At The Pole at my school in worship and share the gospel with some students I didn’t even know. I made it my goal this year as an 8th grader to share God’s Word in any way, shape or form. I have been able to share through my cross country team, basketball team and track team. I have also been able to share God’s Word through music at concerts and through the everyday questions I get from my friends. Today the Bible Study has grown to double digits. I know I might not be able to change the whole world but my mission is right here at Coleman Middle School.

Will – Coleman Middle School