Senior Leaders Grow & Give Advice

Student Leaders Speak

“I have learned that God can use high school students in ways we would never expect or think we’re capable of. Also I have learned the value of organization and flexibility. My advice for other students would be to listen for God’s call for your Campus Group and think about what the needs of your campus and how you can meet them!”  Kristen – Andover HS

“I’ve learned a lot about responsibility. When you’re a leader everyone looks at you and your actions with a lot more scrutiny. My advice is to really work on being organized and prepared. Also be really careful not to let your own personal relationship with God become neglected.” Trevor – Andale HS

“I have learned to put my trust in God and God has a way of making everything run smoothly. Even with a small number of students attending at times I know that God is still using me to minister to others. My advice is don’t ever give up even when you fell disconnected to God. He’s waiting for you to listen to His Will – so that you can bring others closer to Christ.” Katelyn – Circle HS