Strength for the Task – August 21-22

sftt_2015_iconStrength for the Task is a student leadership conference to equip you to  be a missionary to your campus and world. Learn how to share the gospel message and connect with other students from across your community. The cost is only $25 if you register early.

Friday, August 21 (7-10pm) & Saturday, August 22(9:30am – 3pm)

Here is what students are saying about SFTT:

“At Strength for the Task you are with so many other students that have the same desire as you. It will help you be a leader and a light at your school.” Jessica – Rose Hill HS

“Strength for the Task helped me to create a Campus Bible Group like no other at my school.” Mitch – Maize South MS

“Strength for the Task challenges you to think about how you can minister to others and respond to the Great Commission on a daily basis.” Abbi – East HS

More info and registration at: