Student Starts Prayer Gathering!

Student Leaders Speak

This year I started a Wednesday morning prayer group at my school called “See You at the Bull”.  I started it because this past summer I attended a Christ In Youth (MOVE) conference and while I was there I got a Kingdom Worker card which is basically just a commitment card. My card read, ” PRAY UP – Pray for your school on Wednesday mornings during the next school year. Ask a few friends to join you and see what God does!”

So when the first week of school rolled around, me and a group of friends of about 15 showed up 20 minutes before class started and gathered around the bull statue at the front of our school. The first thing I did was read to the group a Bible verse that they could think about throughout the day. One verse I’ve shared before is James 4:13-17. After I share a verse with everyone we break up into prayer. During this prayer time we try to focus our prayer towards the school with the teachers, students, anyone associated with the school, and ourselves. Once we are done with prayer I have usually given everyone a donut who wants one and then I give the leftover donuts to other students in the school who ask what we did that morning.

Max – Maize South HS