Middle School Student Boldly Leads!

Student Leaders Speak

“Bible Club started off slow this year with about 5-10 people. I soon got more bold and told more people. I even told teachers and staff and the lunch ladies. It has grown and we usually see anywhere from 10-40 people every Tuesday and Thursday in the Library. I usually stand in front of the whole library and give a big lesson, which usually involves a lot of interaction and questions to the students. We have played games like the Bible look-up game, flashlight fun and have done different prayer activities. We have done studies on Job, 1 John and now Revelation – which is really proving how great is our LORD.

We had over 70 people at See You At The Pole prayer gathering in September. I loved it so much I decided to do a SYATP once a month starting in November called “Mavericks At The Pole”. I still wanted to affect more people so I got with a strong believing teacher and now we have Bible Club after school in his room on Mondays and Fridays. So my week has Bible Club every day except on Wednesday.

I have been telling many students to come to Bible Club and I have been really sharing my faith with staff, students and parents. This year I think I have faced more opposition by students and teachers than ever for my faith but I think I have affected more students and teachers with my faith. This is my time to glorify GOD at my school. I just want my school to be united in Christ. I want to give a big thanks to all my friends who helped with the Bible Club. We have shared about the Bible club on social media and passed out hundreds of flyers. Also, a special thanks to my friend Jack who has been a great help and will be leading the Bible Club the next school year.”

Mitch – Maize South Middle School