Student leaders share about Equip Event!

Student Leaders Speak

Here is what student leaders learned at the January “EQUIP EVENT” that focused on MISSION, MESSAGE & MENTORING:

“I learned that planning a Bible study can be done in many different ways and you have to find the way that fits you. Some of the ways to plan are: being alone in a quiet space, talking to others and asking adults for advice.” Emma – Andover MS

“I learned that a Bible study should be centered around the gospel message. Also, it’s not about quantity but quality. I was very encouraged by the testimony of Mitch from Maize South Middle School.” Chance – Southeast HS

“To hear from another 8th grader talk about his strategies to prepare a Bible study lesson really inspired me.” Claire – Andover MS

“I learned that we should not only be on the right mission but also the same mission. As leaders we need to be synchronized in our goal to prevent pushing the group in several different directions. As a senior, I shouldn’t waste my influence. This year should not be as much about me leading as it is equipping the underclassmen to lead it one day. I was encouraged not to underestimate the potential God has in me. Mitch’s inspirational story reminded me that God can work through me to further His Kingdom regardless of my age or circumstances.” Nic – Andover HS