Student Leaders share favorite teaching moments!

Student Leaders Speak

“My favorite lesson to teach was titled “Christ Died For Our Sins”. I learned about this topic at Strength for the Task when I was a 6th grader. This lesson told the students why Christ had to die – because he was the sacrifice for our sins. We talked about how we can go and tell others that Christ died for them.” Josaih – Andover MS

“One of my favorite lessons was our lesson for Easter where I carried the cross and we talked about how Christ died for your sins. Claire(my co-leader) got to share her testimony.” Emma – Andover MS

“We did a two month series on the fruit of the Spirit. I really enjoyed learning about each fruit as we studied and prepared for these lessons. We found a song that represents it and we played it every week. All the girls have pretty much memorized the song. It reminded them of the things that we had talked about. I have even heard them singing the song in the hallways of school – so encouraging.” Claire – Andover MS