Middle School Student grows in faith!

Student Leaders Speak

When I began the leadership role of taking over Bible club for Maize South Middle School I was super excited. I had lots of great ideas that I couldn’t wait to implement. However, there were lots of challenges that I faced. Once I found out that we weren’t able to hang up flyers or posters I was a little upset, but once I started thinking of other ways to get the word out I had completely forgotten about that obstacle. Another challenge that I came upon was simply how to run a Bible club. I decided that I would go off of a devotional and teach from that. Then we would have a small conversation about what we just learned. Now that I have gotten into a rhythm of how each morning will go I am able to adjust to whatever lessons and ideas come along the way.

So far this year, I have grown a lot in my faith and trust in God because of the Bible club. Seeing our club grow at the size that it is, can be nothing more than empowering to me. At the beginning of the year, we began with 3 people, it grew by word of mouth, and now we average 25-30 people every time. I was first skeptical about how large the group would grow to, but now seeing the size that it’s at, I have a lot more trust in the Lord about what he can do for our group. At See You At The Pole this year we had a total of 107 students show up. That alone is incredible. I am so glad and empowered to know that the students of my middle school, would take the time to come pray over our school.

Also, getting to see the students in our bible club grow in their faith, and grow in their relationships with one-another is truly amazing. I know that all of the fantastic things that are happening to our club are happening because of the work of God. Our group of students began as a group that wasn’t really a family. They didn’t really lift one another up and encourage each other in their faith. That has completely changed. Our club is like our family now. We all enjoy getting to come and learn more about one another and learn more about God. I refer to our group of students as truly our little family at school because that is honestly what we are. We keep each other accountable for our actions and words and pray for each other when we need prayer. As I walk through the halls of my school I can feel God’s love being shown by our students and I love getting to know that. I can’t take any of the credit because I am simply God’s puppet for him to do what he wants with me. He has done amazing things and blessed me with the courage and ideas to love on our Bible club and shine his light. He has given me love, so that I can have extra to give to others.

To anyone who would think about becoming a leader, I think that if you feel a calling from God to lead, then you should do just that. There will always be challenges, but with God you can overcome them all and start a huge impact of Christ through your school.

Jack – Maize South Middle School