Growing & Serving as a Leader!

Student Leaders Speak

“As a leader at the “Under the Cross” campus group at Andover Central High School I’ve learned a lot about how to pass on leadership to the underclassmen and encourage them to take initiative. God really taught me a lot about servanthood and how you don’t have to be the central speaker or an extreme extrovert to lead and encourage others in Christ. Being a leader has pushed me to pursue and connect with people who are different than me and that I don’t know well. It has made me uncomfortable but has undoubtedly grown my faith and relationship with Christ exponentially. Being content sometimes hinders my growth in Christ. Leadership pushes a person past their cozy bubble and into a difficult position where they are undoubtedly going to make mistakes but also undoubtedly learn from them.

I would encourage students to lead because of how much you learn but also because when you gather people together and are intentional about serving the Lord, lives of believers and unbelievers change. Sometimes it can be a difficult step if you feel you are not a natural born leader but God tends to use the least likely of people. He has worked through my own weaknesses to further His Kingdom. Leadership is hard – but if one life comes to Christ because you decided to step up to all the difficulty and mess ups you face – then it is worth it. God needs leaders and He equips “The Called” to do it.”

Jordyn – Andover Central High School