EQUIP – Students share…

Student Leaders Speak

“What I learned from EQUIP was that we have to start with a firm foundation in Christ and set our own goals before setting out to minister to others. Once we have that foundation in the gospel we can begin to invite and encourage those around us to see who Christ is. I learned that even the smallest acts can make a difference in someone’s life. We need to spread the love of Jesus to everyone despite social awkwardness. I also learned to strive to leave a legacy behind whether it be a Fellowship of Christian Athlete group or a small Bible study group and that begins by setting goals and creating relationships. I really enjoyed EQUIP and it was a really motivating, encouraging, and an educational experience.” Jessica – Valley Center HS

“I felt like EQUIP was a great tool for student leaders in their school. It gave us great tools and ideas to use during our group time. EQUIP also gave us ideas for the future of our group – whether we expected it to continue on after we graduate or not. It really gave me a great feeling and urge to keep my group going. Not for my own glory, but the for Glory of God.” Chris – Goddard HS

“EQUIP was awesome! It was a great way to start the year with encouragement and a refreshing mindset for what we can do in our schools for God. It was also a great opportunity to see some people from the earlier Strength for the Task conference. I got to bond more with other students and come up with some cool ideas with the leaders from my school!” Reagan – Rose Hill HS