Strength for the Task & See You At The Pole

Strength for the Task – August 17 & 18 – Engaging worship, inspiring speakers, and practical lab sessions are all a part of this weekend for students to learn and be challenged. Strength for the Task is designed to equip and encourage students to be missionaries on their campuses. Below is the testimony of one student that came to Strength for the Task and answered “The Call” that God put in his heart. (more information & registration:

“My freshman year I struggled to stay close to God… but during a summer camp and Strength for the Task conference, I felt God directing me and pushing me to start a Campus Bible Study at my school… Now, our Campus Group is running as strong as ever, and I feel blessed for the responsibility that God has placed in my hands. I am always so amazed at the impact that the Campus Groups have at their schools. It is so important that Campus Bible Groups are started on as many campuses as possible because it may be the only contact that students get to the Gospel… Missionaries do not always have to go overseas; they can be you and me witnessing to our peers and teachers through our Campus Bible Studies.”     Sam – East High School

See You At The Pole – September 26th @ 7 AM at your school flagpole.

See You AFTER The Pole – September 26th @ 7-8:30 PM at Central Christian Church.