Communicating the hope of Christ!

Student Leaders Speak

“I have always been an outgoing person and have always been very open. So speaking and communicating with others has always been a strong suit. Not only that but I love to make others happy and to put joy and inspiration into their lives and hearts! So it started with my Snapchat. Many and most days I would post something about Christ or something inspirational on my story. I would get people replying back with things like “you have no idea how much I needed to hear that” and so forth. Then I started making little videos on my Snapchat Story in order to try and inspire more people and that got a lot of people excited. Also, I recently started a YouTube Channel to help others through different struggles and life.

When I gave my first lesson about Christ at one of the Bible Study meetings I knew that this was something I loved to do and wanted to keep doing it. I was impacting people in a positive and uplifting way. I know so many people are struggling with different battles and that it is not easy trying to juggle everything. I know some students are unable to go to church for different reasons so I wanted to bring the church to school and give them that opportunity! Sometimes it is hard to remember that there is hope. I wanted to show that there is hope in and through Christ! I am hoping that through that they can learn and grow through their faith and start to focus on the whole meaning in life. I want them to see that Christ is the center of everything and through Him, we can do remarkable things. I hope that this puts a glimmer of light through their lives so that it can reflect in all that they do!”

Jana – Maize High School