EQUIP – What students learned!

Student Leaders Speak

“At EQUIP I heard this awesome quote that said something like, ‘Faith is like fire and works are like heat. You can’t have one and not the other’, which proves that if you have true faith it will change your heart into a heart that serves others. We also got to come up with cool spiritual goals for this year that I’m excited about!” Sydney – Valley Center HS

“From EQUIP I learned some very valuable lessons. One, I learned how to set reasonable goals for my Bible study group. I also learned how to make questions to ask your fellow members that will go deeper into what the Bible is saying. Also, I met some really cool people there that were motivated to learn and know more about God! My experience at EQUIP was very beneficial and I look forward to attending next time!” Isaac – Wilbur MS

“EQUIP was encouraging, and it fostered creativity within our group when we brainstormed new Bible study topics. Jordan Krahn did a wonderful job of engaging us during his talk by having us read a bible verse to the group and share our thoughts about it! I was challenged to redefine the way I think about the Bible when one of the seniors pointed out that we should read the Word to magnify our understanding of Jesus rather than turning it into a book where we focus on all the things we must do to live a ‘Christian-like’ life.” Carley – Andover HS

“Students should go to EQUIP because they gain the resources and knowledge to start a Bible club, but more importantly, they are equipped to share the gospel.” Sam – East HS