Jesus is the Theme of the Bible!

Student Leaders Speak

 I am a senior at Heights High School and got involved with Campus Ministry Network through Strength for the Task since middle school. Through many different equipping methods I have been able to start and lead a Bible Study Group at my school on Thursdays for the past three years. I wanted it to be a time where we could have God in our school and have discussions over the Bible. The Bible study changed a lot through the years and even though it is not always perfect I have been able to organize a time where the Bible and its message of the gospel is the center of the discussion. 

I help on Sundays at the Middle School Ministry at my church. I use these lessons and basic truths as an outline for my lessons. Throughout the week I read the passage and by Thursday morning I refresh myself with the scripture and start writing down questions. I first start with the context and basic questions that help my peers to look at this Bible passage. Then I always try to point the reading back to the central message of the Bible. Without doing this the passage just becomes stories, moral lessons, or more rules to follow. There is a reason why Jesus is the theme of the Bible. Asking questions and finding symbolism in your scripture for the week is essential to show your audience how it all connects. I am not even close to the best at doing this. I am blessed with a mother who loves God and has been given much wisdom to illustrate the truths in the Bible. It is important for you to find someone who can help with elucidating (making clear) the hard areas you find in the Bible.

Michael – Heights High School