Nothing is Impossible with God!

Student Leaders Speak

“We kinda wanted to start a Bible club after See You AFTER The Pole (last year). We had a pretty good turn out for (See You At The Pole) at Goddard Middle School. We realized we want to do it more than once a year.” Tyson

“Last year several of us attended See You AFTER The Pole which is where we pray and celebrate what God did at our schools. We were challenged then to start our Bible Study.”  Londyn

“We had a few bumps along the way. We couldn’t be an official Bible Group because they wouldn’t allow actual clubs. So we overcame that by going in The Commons and they can’t really tell us what we can or can’t talk about. So we go (once a week) at 7am so we have enough time for our Bible Group.”  Keenan

“We have our time in The Commons where we can talk about whatever we want so we usually talk about the Bible and God. First start with an encouraging word and then we do prayer.”  Keenan

“Luke 1:37 says: ‘For with God nothing shall be impossible.’ That’s why we give ourselves the name CIA. Which stands for Christ In Action. Christ In Action describes us because it shows that a bunch of people from all over can come together at school to shine God’s light in your school.”  Avary

“We are averaging about 15 students in our Bible Study every Tuesday. We look forward to seeing what Christ is doing in our Bible study and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.”  Londyn

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