A legacy of faith propels East High School student leader!

Student Leaders Speak

Faith has always been at the center of my personal and family life. I am inspired by my grandparents and parents who are incredible examples of people seeking to serve the Lord. My family has been involved in many teaching capacities. My grandfather William Boyle was a minister and my grandma served by his side every step of the way. My father’s parents have done extensive mission work, and though my grandfather has gone to be in heaven, my grandma continues to live day to day in pursuit of Jesus. For a year and a half, my family along with an incredible team of mission-hearted people taught a children’s church for African refugees. Both of my brothers went to East High, and one was heavily involved in Young Life while the other led the very club I am currently co-leading. There is a legacy of teaching and serving in my family, and I was called to help guide the 180 Bible Club at East High. 

Though the club is not immense, we have a core group of committed students who come every week as we continue our study of the Bible. I am so grateful for my co-leader Kristy who has a heart for God and brings great insights to our discussions. Despite a culture where Christians can feel alone, this group creates a trusting community in which we know we can count on each other and bring our concerns to God. We have recently begun a study of James and are referencing the videos on RightNow Media by Francis Chan to guide us through the book. I am very excited to see where this study will lead and the wisdom God will reveal to us through His Word.

Rachel – East High School