Senior Leaders Share!

Student Leaders Speak

“Over the last four years of being in FCA at Maize South I’ve learned the importance of community and commitment. Getting to know so many people through this club has been awesome and showing up every week to meet in fellowship has been an integral part of my high school career! Surrounding yourself with good people is extremely important during this time in your life. Keep showing up and making good choices!”   Brooke – Maize South HS

“I would tell future leaders to invest into the lives of students in the younger grades. I have made a lot of great relationships with some younger friends and have been somewhat of a mentor to them. So many times younger high schoolers want to be cool and do the cool things. It’s not always about being cool to your friends – it’s about your relationship with Christ.”   Jacob – Derby HS

  “I have learned how important establishing an encouraging and welcoming community is. Being the leader of this club showed me how to be a better person because I got to surround myself with many peers that are also chasing after God.”   Zoey – Northeast Magnet HS