Meeting or not meeting – Students find encouragement & encourage others!

Student Leaders Speak

“I come to Fellowship of Christian Athletes because it is a great way to start a day. It is at the beginning of the day it helps me to surround my whole day around my faith and to have a faith focus. It is amazing to see other students professing their faith and focusing their lives on Jesus. It encourages me in my faith because there are other students who are not afraid to stand up for their faith.”  Mary – Andale High School

Most students are not able to meet in Campus Bible & Prayer Groups this year due to COVID but that does not mean ministry is not happening as illustrated below:

“My sister was able to encourage a co-worker with Christ and brought that person peace.  Another friend is using  this time to encourage and be an example for someone they know is without Christ. We are all investing and praying for this person. This week I have a chance to share how I am encouraged through Christ in a speech for Public Speaking at my school.”  Kiara – Eisenhower High School