Growth & Challenge in Student Leadership!

Student Leaders Speak

“I love being a leader because I get to see younger Christians wanting to spread the Good News. Our challenges this year is that we haven’t been able to meet as much as we did last year. Also we can’t play as many games. We have grown in our group in that there are several more younger students speaking up and wanting to spread the word.”  Natalie – Rose Hill High School

“I enjoy being able to have a relationship with other Christians in my school and being able to have a group of people I can talk to about my faith.  A challenge we have faced this year was getting new people to come to meetings. We finally got some new people which has really made me happy and before school went online a few weeks ago we were able to have some good talks in our meetings. Also, we got another new leader/sponsor to help besides Gabe(area youth pastor) and the rest of us student leaders.”  Cade – Rose Hill High School