Senior Leaders Share!

Student Leaders Speak

“As a leader I have learned the importance of discussion. However, it is also important to ask questions to guide the discussion. It is much more effective to engage with each other than to just have one person speaking the whole time. We are all on this faith journey together and there is so much we can learn from each other. I would advise to remember that it’s ok to not have all the answers. No one knows everything there is to know about faith and God. We are all still growing in our faith. It is both good and necessary to confront challenging questions as this is how we deepen and strengthen our relationship with God. It is beneficial to discuss hard questions as a group as we seek the truth even if no definitive answers are reached.”  Rachel – East High School

“As a student leader I have learned that it’s important to equip students in spreading the Word of God through our high school. Actions speak louder than word., You can speak about sharing the gospel to others but I believe it’s more important that you act it out throughout the halls and classrooms. Being a student leader can be a little overwhelming at some points but it’s important to not get too overwhelmed and just know God will give you the words to speak when you need it. I would advise future leaders that one doesn’t always have to be loud and up front. I am one of the most silent leaders. Being a leader has really shaped me into having more connections to people and really understanding what other people have to say when they get the chance. Listen for what God wants you to say rather than having a narrow perspective on what you will be talking about.”  Weston – Rose Hill High School

“As a leader I learned that you need to be dependent on God through the process and be willing to initiate. I would advise young leaders to have peers and mentors that can help you and surround you. Making a change doesn’t happen with one person but it can start with one person.”  Kiara – Eisenhower High School