Strength for the Task – August 20 & 21, 2021

Strength for the Task is coming this August 20 & 21. Engaging Worship, interactive and practical Lab Session are just a part of this student training event. Here is glimpse into what our main speaker will be sharing with you:

Some think Jesus was a nice guy who told a bunch of stories and wanted everyone to be kind. Others think Jesus was a really normal guy who was made a legendary hero after He died.  Many are confused and don’t really know what to believe about Jesus.  At Strength for the Task we will not only learn who Jesus was from one of the guys who was with Jesus, but we will also learn how to help our friends learn who the real Jesus is.”  Jeremy Krause

Join with students from across our area to be equipped and encouraged to take the real Jesus to your campus.

More information and registration go to: