EQUIP – What students learned!

Student Leaders Speak

What is the gospel? How does it affect my identity? How will the gospel impact how I live? These are a few of the topics that students engaged in during EQUIP in January. Here is what two students took away from EQUIP:

While at EQUIP I had the chance to connect with leaders of Bible based groups/clubs at other schools. We shared our experiences, including ways that we conduct successful meetings and ways that we have struggled to be successful. I was able to analyze my role as a leader in not only my club, but my school as a whole, and how Christians represent Jesus in every situation. I left EQUIP with a plan and understanding of how to better share the Gospel in club meetings and in everyday life!  Olivia

EQUIP allowed me to realize that our Bible group at Maize South High really needs to make the gospel our center   point of conversation. The good news is and will forever be the most vital part of our outreach to others concerning Christianity. EQUIP portrayed this so well and I hope to carry the things I learned over to my leadership at Maize South High.  Levi