Senior Leaders Share

Student Leaders Speak

This year was my first year at Fellowship of Christian Athletes and I did not really know what to expect. I was very shy and uncomfortable at the thought of being a leader, but it pushed me out of my comfort zone and I met a lot of great people! In regards to my faith, it helped me be more bold about what I believe in the high school environment. Being a light for Jesus is so important, especially in high school so I am grateful for the opportunity and growth of being a leader this year has brought me. 

Being a leader is a big responsibility, but it shouldn’t be anything that you fear. My advice would be to step up, see a need and fill it. Stay engaged with the people that attend you Campus Bible Group and be a smiling, joyful, inviting face that they know they can trust. As a leader, people know you are in FCA, so stand firm in your faith inside and outside of FCA. It is a great opportunity and your faith will grow so much!”  Nicole McKee – Derby HS

“Being a leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes truly grows your identity of being a Christ-follower. You now have an official title that links you to being a Christian in a place (your high school) where there are a multitude of different beliefs. Not only that, but you strengthen your relationship with Him as you ask for guidance and prepare lessons to share with others. All of the things I’ve said above apply to me. I wasn’t always the most outspoken Christian, but because of my faith to reach out and grab hold of this position I have learned to lean on Him and be more confident in my identity as a Christian. 

Some advice for upcoming leaders would be to pray to God for guidance. If you lead with love you’ll gain a lot more of a following; however, don’t be disappointed if there aren’t that many gathered. It’s not always about the quantity, but about the quality of the people who truly want to be there and grow in their relationship with God. Don’t ever be discouraged because God is on our side and He gives us people to lean on!”  Faith Smith – Maize South HS

“My faith as a leader definitely grew the most in prayer. It helped me see that praying doesn’t have to be perfect or be about anything specific. God is happy when you pray about anything. It also helped make me more comfortable to pray in front of anyone.

My advice to upcoming leaders is to just not be afraid of anything or anyone. Some things will be challenging but if you surround your self with the right people they can be there to have your back just as God always does as well!” Evan Franke – Derby HS