Seeing Hope!

Student Leaders Speak

“Ever since I started going to public school I have seen the hopelessness, anxiety, and depression that floods the hallways. There is only one solution to this epidemic happening in the school systems and that is Jesus Christ. My hope for my school and schools all over the country is that the Holy Spirit will flood the hallways. I believe that God is moving in my school and that He is ready to stir up a new generation of Christ Followers – if we let him. God has moved on my campus this year in amazing ways. Last year the Bible Club had about 10 people coming weekly. This school year there are around 40 students that come to learn about God and hangout with other believers. God is also moving the hearts of the students that attend. We have seen more feedback and a bigger desire to help our community than ever before. I believe God is doing incredible things and he will continue to flood the hallways with hope and light.”  Abbie – Eisenhower HS

“I know of so many kids who are Christians who don’t take action and speak up. We stay silent too often and my hope for the schools is that Christian students wouldn’t be afraid of who they are and that they wouldn’t be afraid to share what they believe. There has been a greater courage grow this year in Be The Light(Campus Bible Group at Eisenhower HS). I pray that that courage would be a light, a guidance to others to be brave as well.”   Jorah – Eisenhower HS