Student Bible Study started at West High School!

Student Leaders Speak

“During English class one day some students started a conversation about their faith and beliefs. Several of them were very passionate about sharing their faith!  As I was listening and participating in the conversation I wondered about starting a Bible study.  I talked with a couple of those kids and asked if they would be interested in helping me lead it.  God has really just thrown things at me without me really looking for them. I’ve seen a great curiosity in our school, especially among seniors as they are searching for answers in life. It can be scary for anyone to share their faith openly in a public school, but I’ve been very encouraged by the response of several people! I’ve seen change in the way people behave, the language they use, and their kindness and love towards one another. That is something I am super happy to see and want to continue to grow.  My goal and hope is that this Bible study will continue next year when I am gone. It has been a challenge to get younger kids to come. Overall I’ve been really in awe of God and how He works in our lives and in our school. As far as leading goes, I’ve felt very little pressure or anxiety. I don’t really even consider myself the leader of this group because any one of the students could lead it.”

“Please pray for West High and our Bible study!”

Nathan – West High School