Senior Leaders Share

Student Leaders Speak

“I have learned more and more how it is not I who can help people come to Christ but God. He puts people in your path who He wants you to talk to and He is the one who is working in our schools. Just by simply being obedient, the Lord will accomplish things through you. Being open and vulnerable about my faith was challenging but extremely rewarding. We now have a community of students who can encourage each other, study the Bible and pray together – which is very life-giving and fills students’ lives with joy.

My advice is to be confident. In middle and high school especially, students worry about fitting in and not standing out. But the biggest impact you can have comes from being confident and being different. People notice when you are different, whether that is good or bad. ALWAYS be kind to students and your teachers. Be a good example of Jesus Christ. As Paul says in Philippians 2:14-15, “Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.” Students and teachers notice when you are kind to others, when you smile, when you show God’s love to those around you. Then you have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them, because they notice that you are different and they are curious about it. Simply inviting someone to a Bible study can and will open up many conversations about Jesus. So be confident in your faith and open to talking about it with others. You will be surprised who God puts in your path.” Nathan – West HS

“I have learned that there should be a goal in a student Bible club. At “Be The Light,” our goal was to be a light in our school, to act in a way that was Christian-like that would make others see something different. I also learned to have patience and determination as a leader. There are definitely ebbs and flows in leading a Bible club – but that’s okay. You just have to keep doing the best you can and sometimes modify things to best fit what the students at the school want to do.

I would advise staying organized. Keeping a loose schedule allows for less stress and uncertainty while still having the will to tweak things here or there. I would also recommend giving other students the opportunity to lead at a meeting sometimes. There are so many students out there who have something to say. The last thing I would say is that it’s okay to make mistakes. Sometime, you have to try new things and fiddle around with ideas. It’s really just a great learning opportunity to make the Bible club better.” Jorah – Eisenhower HS