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Student Leaders Speak

“The biggest thing that I’ve learned as a leader is that it’s not in my power to save someone. I have struggled a lot with the idea that I didn’t get a specific person to come again, or I didn’t get them to accept Jesus, etc. But I think the biggest thing that I have learned is that I am called to plant the seed. I’m not required to make it grow. That’s something only God can do.

I would definitely encourage you to stick it out. There are a lot of times when I feel like I couldn’t give enough, but I reminded myself of what I had been called to be for the people of my school, and that brought me through my hardships.” Levi – Maize South HS

“I have learned how much impact a Campus Group like FCA can have on someone’s day, or even their week. It was also cool to see how much everyone could contribute to the meetings even if they weren’t necessarily leaders.

I would tell upcoming leaders to not be afraid to voice your ideas, and to keep working to deepen your relationship with Christ, because it will benefit you so much in life.” Jessa – Rose Hill HS

“As a leader of my Campus Group(FCA) I have learned that everyone needs to feel cared for and loved and that God can work in ways that you would never expect.

My advice for any student leaders would be to stay strong in what they believe and know that God is always in control, so take risks and share what He did with everyone around you.” Cader – Valley Center HS