Still More Seniors Share

Student Leaders Speak

“I learned how hard leading is. I also learned how rewarding it can be. It is so powerful watching a group of people grow from 10 to 30 and to know that you had a part of that transformation.

My advice would be to just go for it. You’ll make mistakes and that is okay! Do not be afraid to step up. God will help you and so will the people around you.” Abbie – Eisenhower HS

“Something I have learned this year as an FCA leader is that even though I may be more of a background leader, but I can still do God’s work. Through FCA this year I have been reminded that my purpose is to reflect and make God known. I need to tell the ‘great old story’ of what Jesus has done for me and all of mankind.

The advice I would give upcoming leaders is to not be afraid of taking a step out of your comfort zone and share your testimony or something that God has been revealing to you. Your FCA or group sponsor(s) is someone you can go to for help. Whether talking about something your struggling with in your faith, something you are rejoicing over or something you need prayer for. These are godly people who can help you along the way and help you see where Jesus might be leading you. So don’t be scared of them.” Allison – Circle HS