Middle School Students start a Campus Bible study!

Student Leaders Speak

“It started with Shane (my youth pastor) asking if anyone is interested in starting a Bible study at their school.  I told him that I could.  Then I talked to the principal and got her OK. After that I needed to get a teacher to host us in their room. I asked my ELA teacher and she was fine. Then I asked Micah if he wanted to partner with me. I didn’t end up starting it until the next year. Luckily, Micah’s dad was a teacher starting that year so I figured it would be easier to communicate with him rather than my ELA teacher.  A big setback was that it took almost four weeks to get enough people to come. A big accomplishment was that after we did get people to come a few more joined. I’ve enjoyed reading the Bible  and also watching all the chaos going on with middle school students. In conclusion, I very much enjoy getting to talk through the questions on the scripture passage.”  Joshua (7th grade) – Andover Central Middle School

“It started up at church when Josh asked if I wanted to help lead a Bible study with him.  A challenge was planning a time and a day. A success was how many people we have show up to the Bible study.  I enjoy that I get to hang out with my friends on Wednesday morning and learn about God.”  Micah (7th grade) – Andover Central Middle School.