Senior Leaders Speak!

School doors are closed but I asked a few senior leaders to share their experience of being a leader:

“I have learned that staying rooted in your faith and staying close to God – emerging yourself in His Word and presence daily is how God moves through you! If you are far from His heart you can do nothing. Jesus said in John 15:5, “If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” It is in his presence that he moves in you and it is through obedience of his calling and commands that he uses you to build up His Kingdom. Be humble and kind, serving the least of these and you will please your Father in heaven and he will bless you beyond what you can imagine.”    Jessica – Rose Hill High School

“Being a leader is the most rewarding work although it isn’t always easy or fun – although the majority of the time it is fun. If you have a goal in mind, putting in the effort to get there is more fun than anything especially when you begin to see the results of your work. Being able to be an example for other peers to look up to is also a tremendous responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly . Make sure you are committed to putting full effort forth when becoming a leader. Also, even if you are not a “leader” you can still lead and contribute in equally important ways.”    Elizabeth – Andover Central High School

“Even when the going gets tough, your group is shrinking, you are pinched for time and are wanting for inspiration, keep persevering. If you can make a change to help things, make a change, but if you can’t know that even if you affected only one person for Christ or provided needed fellowship for one person then it is worth it. God may eventually grow your group but even if he doesn’t know you can still trust Him.”   Joshua – Wichita East HS

“I would have to say that in being a leader you cannot let the opinions of others take away from what God has asked you to do. When you are leading in a way that may not be appealing to the crowd, remember that it’s not about what the crowd wants, but what God wants. Choosing what God has to offer is what truly builds up a strong leader and makes stronger leaders.”   Graham – Andover Central High School