See You At The Pole & See You AFTER The Pole – 9/22/2021

See You At The Pole is happening Wednesday, September 22 @ Your School Flagpole(middle and high school). This may be dependent on a student like you being willing to lead. Join with students from your school at 7AM or designated time at your school. What a great way to gather with students at your school to humbly  pray to our Father and be a light for Christ on your campus.

For more info on how to lead a See You At The Pole at your school: See You At The Pole

See You AFTER The Pole is Wednesday, September 22 @ Central Christian Church, 2900 N Rock Rd. Join students from across our community from 7:00-8:30PM in praise, prayer and student challenge. Engage in singing praise to our God, Hearing challenges from student leaders and humbly praying  for unity and a heart to share the Gospel Message with others.

Partnering with area youth pastors, Campus Ministry Network exists to equip and encourage MS & HS student-led Campus Bible & Prayer Groups.

For more info on how to lead a Campus Bible Group or Prayer Group  at your school:

Leading a Campus Bible Study Group 

Leading a Campus Prayer Group

Keith Malcom – Campus Ministry Network